Thursday, July 24, 2008

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

First post, I originally became obsessed with blogs about a year and a half ago. Especially those dedicated to exploring African Americans in entertainment. Initially, I found so much joy in reading the thoughts and ideas of others, however, a couple of months ago I had this certain urge to share my ideas with others. I was apprehensive at first, but through the coaxing of a dear friend, I am ready to share all the things that swirl around in this big head of mine. Today, I am confident, encouraged, and self-assured that if only person finds something compelling on this blog then I have attained my goal. My objective is to initiate an intellectual, stimulating, and substantive discussion/conversation about life’s complexities. Thus, this blog will serve as a forum to talk about contemporary society and a broad range of issues affecting African Americans. This has become even more important as I prepare to attend law school in a few weeks, because for most of this country’s history the law has precluded equal protection for African Americans. Trust, this will be the topic of a future post! Thanks you for taking this journey with me and I hope you enjoy!



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D.Son said...

i'm glad ur here! EVERYONE needs to hear what u got to say!