Thursday, September 25, 2008

Symbolic Lynching... So When Did Trees Start Bearing Cardboard? Strange Fruit?

Earlier this week, an effigy of presidential candidate, Barack Obama was found hanging from a tree at George Fox University in Newburg, Oregon. The cardboard representation of the political figure was adored with a flyer protesting the University's Minority Recruitment Program (Act Six). Am I the only one outraged? Although officials from the university have repudiated the offense and expressed their disappointment about the racially charged incident, but should the University do more? How about a forum about the climate of racism on their campus? George Fox University has a 2% African American student population. This event cannot be one in isolation, I am almost certain that more acts of intolerance have occurred on this campus.

This year's Presidential Election will challenge our country's reliance on the modern construct of enlightened racism. A view that the Huxtable's, especially how strikingly articulate those character are, show that African American can advance in life if they only "try." Why this country has always been a meritocracy, some would purport. I guess I must have been out of the country summering indefinitely in the south of France because in most cases success is far, very far, removed from merit. Juxtaposing Obama and the opposition to the Act Six demonstrates that some people are not ready for change. Especially if a program that contributes 16 students out of 1800, let's do the math (16/1800=.008), which means that less than 1% of the entire student population at George Fox participate in this initiative. Expressly, the students recruited under this program represent less than 1% of the total population at this institution. Thus, if people are not ready for a 0.8 percent change, are they ready for a 100% change? There is only one president and since the inception of the president in the United States that office has been exclusively served by White men. Is America ready for a Black man to interrupt this trend? Or will another debacle in Florida commence on November 4th?

We need to explore this issue of racism in this country because race has real consequences and result in policies, legislation, and customary practices that disadvantage millions throughout this great land of ours. How? When? Where? A great mentor told me that the first solution to issues is to have a discussion about the process of resolution. We have to problematize issues of race and sit down and develop a process to respond accordingly. Hanging Obama from a tree signifies the tremendous strides we have to take, notice that is not in the past or present tense, if we wish to live in a racial equitable society. We have to break the silence, not only between racial minorities, but with people of all racial and ethnic origins. EVERYONE should take a stake in ensuring that racism is no longer tolerated. Racism robs us from realizing our commonalities and actualizing our potential to endeavor into true greatness.

What do you think? Comment freely, I am always open to learning.

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D.Son said...

u know, whatever happens Nov. 4, will be a mark in our history; a mark that will shed light on the dirty stain of racism that has and continues to endure ACROSS THE WORLD (period).

honestly, i don't even know how to respond and I am not at the least bit shocked, now ain't that a shame. it's like back in the sixties, in one of those rural Southern communities, when we would find out that that boy down the road was hanged last night for looking at that little white girl. We would shake our heads, send our condolences, and move on. Why? Not because we didn't care, but because this was and IS how it is. Happened everyday. People, RACISM is ALIVE and WELL, just hidden-covert. Instead of in the fields, we're in the prison system, or agents of capitalism. We have no autonomy. I mean Black Culture had been commodified.

Ohh just in, "Hate Crimes on the Rise in Europe," what a surprise:

Just explore the "2006 Hate Crime Statistics" through the FBI:

Sad thing is that those are the ones that get reported! All in all, this aint new. The question I have for ALL in individuals is, what are you gonna do about it? I hear there are 3 kinds of people in this world. Ones who watch things happen, ones who talk about the things happenning, and those who make things happen.


R.A.L said...

Thanks for your comment, it was amazing!

Einsteinium said...

Surprisingly what most people do not realize is that Obama is not the first black President. He is the first under the Constitution and under the title of the United States. Racism is very much alive ad well. IT is quite sad that even to this day the education in school still lacks the culture and contributions of African Americans. It is almost as if the world is afraid to admit and be honest about how talented we are and how many contributions we have made. Mathematics, physics, martial arts, engineering, music, business, law, etc. are all areas we have founded or made significant work in. What is most alarming though is that we as a people do not take more pride to push things forward more. We idly sit by and let things happen sometimes and react instead of being proactive. Great blog post!